Bible Studies with Mary Ploppins

I started this blog on blogger, based on conversations that I tend to have with my religious family members pretty regularly.  Well my blogger blog actually was started earlier and it doesn’t have any particular theme, but I started this new one with an actual “Bible Reviews” theme.  I moved over to WordPress because blogger was annoying me … the lack of functionality.  There were a couple posts I did on my blogger account that led into this, which were this and this:

Faith vs. Ambiguity

Do the Right Thing

After those posts, I decided that I really need to FINALLY get to one of the tasks that I’ve been saying I am going to do (and procrastinating) for the past 15 years plus.  And that is to read The Bible.  The whole bible … cover to cover.  A majority of Christians have not done this from what I’ve observed … and when I was Christian I never did it either.  I just took in whatever pieces of it that my Sunday School and Christian School classes wanted to give me.  So everything I ever got was through the filter of someone else.

I made the decision around the age of 18 or so that religion no longer made sense to me.  But I’m thinking that to make a fully informed decision one way or the other, I should ACTUALLY read the bible.  So I’m finally doing it now.  I’ve got the King James version on my Kindle, and I am also using the “New International Version” on the website along with that to help me translate the more undecipherable verses in the King James version (I’m actually reading them both simultaneously to make sure I’m not missing anything).

In a sense I think it’s almost a good thing that I was SO terrible at paying attention to the bible stories I was taught when I was a kid, because I can somewhat be a clean slate (and maybe a bit more objective) while reading it now, ha ha.  I mean not entirely of course, I remember the basics of the major stories, but I am finding that there are a ton of gory details that they don’t give you in Sunday School, now that I am reading it for myself.  And of course I can’t really be objective because obviously I’m coming from one particular point of view going into this.  But my lack of memory on the details definitely helps me to be more of a “clean slate” going in.

Let’s see how long I can stick with this little project, hah.


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