So … it’s been like, what, 2 months since my Numbers review?  Well, I’m back now with Deuteronomy, finally.  I will confess, it didn’t actually take me 2 full months to read it.  You were probably too busy with the holidays to even notice my absence, but if you happened to be wondering why I’ve been taking so long with this damn review, you can find out here.

O.k. so let’s get to Deuteronomy, shall we?  This book was … well … if I thought Numbers was tedious, little did I know that I had another thing coming when I got to Deuteronomy.  It was a bit of a drag.  Why is that?  Well, here is the synopsis of Deuteronomy:

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Minor Sinning Detour

O.k. well it’s been a while since my last Bible book review entry, so I figured I should give an update as to why it is taking me so long to finish Deuteronomy.  I have an extremely large fanbase of devoted readers who must be simply waiting on pins and needles for my next book review, after all.  FYI my definition of “extremely large fanbase” is anywhere between 2 and 5 avid readers.  And my definition of “avid reader” is someone who moseys on over here when they are really bored, sometime within a couple/few days after I notify them that I have updated this.  It’s quite a staggeringly large and devoted fanbase to keep happy, so it gets tough sometimes.

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