Guess what I’m back!!  And it’s only been like … a little over a week since my Judges review.  This is record time by far, but it’s only because Ruth consisted of exactly 4 chapters.  That’s 17 chapters shorter than the shortest book I’ve read up until now.  I started it and finished it in the same night.  But I won’t get used to this because the next bunch of books after this are loooong long long again.  Uggh.  But for now, let’s just bask in the glory of the shortness of Ruth, shall we?

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O.k. finally … I’m getting to my Judges review.  I’ve been really busy lately but I have to admit that I’ve also been slightly putting off this review as well.  I think that’s partly because even though this book was not incredibly long (21 chapters), it was extremely dense.  There is a LOT that happens in Judges, but at the same time, the story follows a very repetitive pattern for the majority of the book.

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