2 Samuel

Well well.  It took me almost 5 months in between my Ruth and 1st Samuel posts, and it has now taken … 3 1/2 months in between 1st & 2nd Samuel.  I meant for that to be much shorter.  Procrastination and distractions from other crap has gotten me once again.  Some shitty stuff happened, then onto the holidays which have actually been a bit more hectic than usual this year, then in typical “me” fashion I got sucked into another TV show and spent my free time catching up on that instead of reading 2nd Samuel (before you judge me about Covert Affairs, you need to check out season 3 because I swear to god it suddenly got kinda awesome, which is why I got sucked in).  Plus I think I’ve just been in a weird headspace lately that seems to involve a complete lack of motivation for anything productive; I dunno what the hell is wrong with me.  Once December came along I finally forced myself to get productive and read 2nd Samuel though, and now here we are.

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