Remember that time I called 1st Chronicles “coma-inducing” and Ezra a “snoozefest and a half”?  I was wrong.  I have now realized that I had no idea what the meaning of snoozefest was until I got to the book of Nehemiah.  Well, to be fair, Nehemiah was another short one – 13 chapters, where as 1st Chronicles was 29 chapters.  So overall I’d still say that Nehemiah was much less painful to read, since it was much shorter.  So it has that going for it.

Nehemiah re-hashes a chunk of the events of Ezra, but from a different point of view.  This is the first book so far that is written entirely in the first person p.o.v. (of Nehemiah, of course).  Ezra started off in the third person, but switched to first person (Ezra’s p.o.v.) inexplicably about 7 chapters into the book.  So that was fun and not at all infuriating.  At least Nehemiah is consistent and much less confusing than Ezra.

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Yeesh, if I thought the books of Chronicles were dry, I had another thing coming when I got to Ezra.  This one was a bit of a snoozefest and a half.  Luckily it was only 10 chapters long though, as opposed to the 20-something and 30-something of the past 6 or so books before this one.  Actually I’m pretty sure it’s the second shortest book I’ve read thus far.

This is a book called “Ezra” which does not actually get around to introducing the character of Ezra until 7 (out of 10) chapters into the book.  It takes its sweet … sweet time with that.  No rush.  It’s probably easiest to look at this book as two separate parts: The first 6 chapters before Ezra is involved, and then the last 4 chapters (7-10), after Ezra shows up.  The book is not physically split into two parts, but I will split it and refer to them as “Part I” and “Part II” in my summary, just to make things more clear.

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2 Chronicles

Whew.  I’m finally starting to feel like I’m making a semi-decent dent in this Bible in terms of my reading progress.  My Kindle claims that I’m 41% of the way through it, and I’m PRAYING (heh), that this is 41% of the entire Bible, not just the Old Testament.  I think it is, but we’ll see.  A lot of the upcoming Old Testament chapters are relatively short, but there are also a few ridiculously loooong ones as well.  I’m looking at you, Job and Psalms (150 chapters aggh!!).

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