Errgh.  It’s been almost 2 months since my Psalms review … much more time than I had planned to take to get through Proverbs.  I have no great excuse this time; this has just been one of those months (err, 2 months) where I’ve been distracted with dumb stuff.  Plus I guess I did have a few really busy weekends in there where I was out doing stuff or out of town.  Anyway, I’m done now.  Finally.

You may recall that I wasn’t all that impressed or enthused by Psalms.  I expected more out of it.  Well, Proverbs, interestingly enough, wound up basically being the book that I thought Psalms was going to be.  And that’s a good thing.  In a sense, I feel like Proverbs is the book I’ve been waiting to get to the entire time I’ve been reading the Bible, because even though I knew to expect a hearty helping of disturbing and terrible things in the Bible, I thought there would also be more “good” stuff along the way than there has been.  Finally, now, in Proverbs we’re getting some of that.

proverbs_t_nv4_croppedSo what is the book of Proverbs about?  Well, the summary of the book is pretty much all there in the title.  The entirety of the book is … a long list of proverbs.  31 chapters worth, to be exact.  The first chapter starts out with some proverbs attributed to Solomon.  Later there’s some others that are attributed to various nameless “wise men.”  There’s a few others that are attributed to someone named “Agur son of Jakeh,” and some in another chapter attributed to a guy named Lemuel (and/or his mother).  Other than that, the rest of the proverbs are just listed in general, without any particular author named.

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