Song of Solomon

O.k., I’m still not doing well with my productivity level here.  I’ve been on an 8 chapter book for two full months now.  And in the end it only took me two nights to read it.  I just took a loooong time between each of those two nights.  This time my excuse is a) an overseas vacation and b) work got really busy.  And oh right, I’m a horrible procrastinator.  Uggh.

Anyway, let’s discuss Song of Solomon.  This book is … weird.  Seriously, it has to be the strangest book I’ve come across in the Bible thus far, by a long shot.  First off, like Psalms and Proverbs, it’s not told in story form.  Rather it’s more of a collection of poems/songs … or maybe even just one long poem/song, for all I can tell.  Second, this book has nearly zero intention of trying to teach any sort of life lessons about God or about anything really, save for maybe one or two lines here and there.  And lastly, all the poems/chapters in this book are on the same topic: love, and sex.

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